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F5ci is an IT Consultancy company

Founded in 2001, as the first Qlik® representatives in Portugal, F5tci is exclusively dedicated to Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions based on Qlik® platforms

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Business Intelligence

Lead with your data and transform your business. Get to know Qlik® products.

Complementary Solutions

Learn about our complementary solutions and add value to the Qlik® ecosystem.


Specialized consulting and software engineering. Find out how we can help.

The empirical knowledge obtained in national and international projects, within different business fields, has enabled us to design a range of integrated solutions.

F5tci integrated solutions for business intelligence in manufacturing and finance
Seeing is Believing

Contact us for a proof of concept on-site or remote. See how Business Intelligence brings benefits to your organization. Schedule a 1-day "Seeing is Believing" session using your data.

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Our success is continuously measured by the success of our customers. Each customer is unique, and the execution of tailor-made projects, oriented to their specific needs, constitutes a differential factor of the services we provide.

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