Industrial Internet of Things – IIoT

IoT platform that allows aggregation of data from different devices and analysis in real time.

Built on a microservice architecture, this solution allows live data streaming directly from Qlik Sense, in order to monitor all sensors and other devices with real time data, and to make further analysis on Qlik's applications.

f5tci industrial internet of things high level product architecture

Microservices architecture

Ecossistem sensors aggregation and store to database

Multiprotocol feature (MQTT, SNMP);

Buffer feature for native integration in Qlik Sense® incremental load

Live data streaming directly from Qlik Sense® or Digital Signage.

Allows you to monitor all sensors, and other devices, with real-time data and perform additional analysis in Qlik's applications.

F5 analytic extension

Advanced visualization of predictive analysis, which assumes the application of a set of standard algorithms to any data model, immediately and using native Qlik integration with Python.

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